Co-op Mode deskspace

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I started CO-OP MODE deskspace primarily to support creative industries companies in games, web and immersive in Bristol. As I had worked at Bristol Games Hub deskspace for several years, after COVID-19 had mostly killed the Hub deskspace I was offered the opportunity to take on the space and reinvigorate it.

With the support of the Bristol Games Hub I created a new Not-for-profit company Co-op Mode Limited and ran the 32 desk space at low rents between April 2022 and June 2023. Due to the rising costs of utilities (and in my mind the march of short sighted capitalism) our landlord priced us out of the space in Stokes Croft, Bristol. At the same time I was working on my new games company Nuclear Candy Games, so I made the decision not to carry on the deskspace in the short term in the hope I could bring something similar back in future if still needed.

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