Portfolio and musings of Ben Byford

Recent Works:

Thomas Forsyth

 22 Jul 2016 |  Website

New portfolio for 3D product and set designer Thomas Forsyth

Steyn Studio

 11 May 2016 |  Website, Branding, UX

New website for architects Styen Studio

Recent Articles:

The Machine Ethics podcast

 29 Jun 2016 |  Website, Podcast

New podcast hosted by myself interviewing people about Machine Ethics. Available today on itunes

Working with HTTPS/2 for web designers

 01 Jun 2016 |  Article, Website, Https2

In this article I test HTTPS/2 on my own server running NGINX, look at some new stuff in the protocol, run some tests on a live site, and come back with my findings on speed.

Recent Experiments:

BBC microbit games

 17 Jul 2016 |  algorithm, games, microbit

Games I've coded for the BBC microbit

javascript automata

 28 Jun 2016 |  algorithm, html5

Tests creating cellular automata in javascript

Clients include:

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