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Environmental Practices for the Games Industry

 20 Nov 2023 |  Eco, Development, Article, Games

Recommendations for anyone working in the games industry to reduce carbon and promote environmental practises.

What is ethics?

 23 Oct 2023 |  Ethics, AI, Essay, Philosophy, Article

An article about ethics in the abstract, the point of it and how we can use it for better futures.

Environmental practises for the web talk 2021

 30 Dec 2021 |  Article, Eco, Ethics, Http, Research, Talk, Web, Design, Development

Talk from Bath Digital Festival 2021

What even is AI anyway?

 26 Jun 2019 |  AI, Ethics, Article, Philosophy

When we talk about AI what do we actually mean? This article runs through some of the things people may be thinking when they say AI.

Optimised for Fake News

 08 Sep 2017 |  Article, Essay, Fake news

Article written for The Cube Magazine, showing the obvious line of thinking that has lead to fake news on the internet.

Working with HTTPS/2 for web designers

 01 Jun 2016 |  Article, Website, Http

In this article I test HTTPS/2 on my own server running NGINX, look at some new stuff in the protocol, run some tests on a live site, and come back with my findings on speed.

Problems on the Blockchain

 12 Dec 2015 |  Article

Brief look at some of Blockchain technologies issues for democracy and the environment

Ethics and Algorithms

 26 May 2015 |  Article, Lecture

Talk for Digital Shoreditch #DS2015 on Machine Ethics

Recent Eulergy interviews and articles

 03 Nov 2014 |  Eulergy, Article, Interview

Articles about Eulergy, collaboration and start-ups written by the press or articles I've written

Why I choose Processwire CMS

 18 Jun 2014 |  CMS, Article

Why do I choose to use Processwire Content Management System over any other CMS? This article explores that choice.

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