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Optimised for Fake News

 08 Sep 2017 |  Article, Essay, Fake news, The Cube

Article written for The Cube Magazine, showing the obvious line of thinking that has lead to fake news on the internet.

Working with HTTPS/2 for web designers

 01 Jun 2016 |  Article, Website, Https2

In this article I test HTTPS/2 on my own server running NGINX, look at some new stuff in the protocol, run some tests on a live site, and come back with my findings on speed.

Problems on the Blockchain

 12 Dec 2015 |  Article

Brief look at some of Blockchain technologies issues for democracy and the environment

Ethics and Algorithms

 26 May 2015 |  Article, Lecture

Talk for Digital Shoreditch #DS2015 on Machine Ethics

Recent Eulergy interviews and articles

 03 Nov 2014 |  Eulergy, Article, Interview

Articles about Eulergy, collaboration and start-ups written by the press or articles I've written

Why I choose Processwire CMS

 18 Jun 2014 |  CMS, Article

Why do I choose to use Processwire Content Management System over any other CMS? This article explores that choice.

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