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Environmental practises for the web talk 2021

 30 Dec 2021 |  Article, Eco, Ethics, Http, Research, Talk, Web, Design, Development

Talk from Bath Digital Festival 2021

TensorflowJS webcam to emoji

 25 Jun 2019 |  Code, Web, AI, Machine Learning, Tensorflow

Small experiment to teach a model to associate a webcam image with a specific choosen emoji. Fun times


 09 Apr 2019 |  Web, Browser extension, Eco

Browser extension that adds an environment tip everytime you open a new tab

Processwire open source modules

 30 Jul 2017 |  Code, Processwire, CMS, Web

Several open sourced modules created for Processwire CMS hosted on github

javascript automata

 28 Jun 2016 |  Web

Tests creating cellular automata in javascript

Conway's Game of Life in Javascript

 23 Jun 2016 |  Games, Web

A javascript and html5 Canvas implementation of Conway's Game of Life simulation

Saccade - infinite runner

 25 Aug 2014 |  Games, Web, Game Jam

JS / HTML5 game created in 48 hours for #LD30 - connected worlds


 18 Aug 2014 |  Web, Animation

Animations that can be played and reward using the mouse or tilting your mobile device


 16 May 2012 |  Animation, Web

Stop-frame animation using javascript

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