TensorflowJS webcam to emoji

Published: 25 Jun 2019

Project created to experiment with TensorflowJS while working on a new AI workshop for KWMC. I first explored some of Google's example projects and was stuck by the Pacman example. Loved the idea that you could use incoming webcam images as a control source. This lead me to creating my own project in this vain and I decided on a small obtainable project which I call Webcam to Emoji.

In the same way as the Pacman example the site downloads a slice of the mobilenet pre-trained network and uses this as the first hidden layer to the network, the second layer has exposed parameters to the user, this layer is trained on the specific webcam image examples associated with which chosen emoji. Given only a smaller amount of test data a robust learning model can be made for that specific environment (move the camera around a bit in play mode and you'll find the model instantly has trouble).

Live demo

Find the code on github

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