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OCO - level design project

 09 Apr 2019 |  Design, Games, Level design

I worked on the beautiful OCO game creating several of it's core game levels.

Full Colour Tiles

 22 Feb 2018 |  Design, Games, UI

Fiendishly simple puzzle game - Full Colour Tiles

Match puzzle game

 27 Jul 2017 |  Games

Simple puzzle game experiment created in Unity3D

VR Snake

 01 Mar 2017 |  Games, VR / AR

VR Snake game using A-frame a web VR Library

Where's Shaun?

 19 Sep 2016 |  Games

HTML5 game for Aardman animation.

BBC microbit games

 17 Jul 2016 |  Games, Tutorial

Games I've coded for the BBC microbit

Conway's Game of Life in Javascript

 23 Jun 2016 |  Games, Web

A javascript and html5 Canvas implementation of Conway's Game of Life simulation

An End - a Twine Story

 25 Oct 2015 |  Games, Writing

My first story using the non-linear writing tool Twine. A dark story about the inevitable.

Saccade - infinite runner

 25 Aug 2014 |  Games, Web, Game Jam

JS / HTML5 game created in 48 hours for #LD30 - connected worlds

Coding for kids

 25 Jun 2014 |  Lecture, Games, Lessons, School, STEM

Some resources and thoughts from my recent STEM Ambassabor program

Random maze algorithms

 30 Aug 2013 |  Games, Maze

Random walk algorithm tests written in Lua

Let's make a game

 19 Jun 2012 |  Code, Games

Our first #48hrGameDev - Challenge: one weekend, make a game

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