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Foundry - Susanna Davies-Crook with Ben Byford Curated by Natasha Chubbuck

Foundry was a commission for MAP arts production in Leeds, presented on the Light Night arts event, Leeds.

Working with the children of MAP, Susanna planned workshops exploring the heritage of the Hope House building and the Leeds' mill history. Helpig on some of the field trips and workshops, we put together the exhibition comprising of photography by the children and Susanna, multi-screen film installation, sound installation by the children and myself, and sewing machine installation by Susanna and Myself.

The private view was held on Light Night 08, the show continuing in part for the next week.

Thank you to MAP's Tom, Kat, Charlie, and the MAP students; Natasha Chubbuck for her direction and hard work; and Ben Waddleton for poster design.

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