Horton Stephens

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Website for photography agents Horton Stephens.

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"We laboured for many years with a web designer who was unreliable, un creative and eye-wateringly expensive. How refreshing it was then to find Ben.
We don’t know a lot about the technical aspects of web design, but we are very fussy about the look and design of the site being, as we are, in the visual marketing business.  Ben took us through everything very patiently, was full of additional ideas and absolutely nailed optimum functionality.
After initial meetings, progress was very rapid and we were kept well informed. Inevitably after seeing a first version of the new site, we made umpteen changes and Ben was totally accommodating and understanding.
In the end, Ben delivered a site we are delighted with, ahead of time and on budget… even after site completion, Ben has given us a lot of support without lots of extra cost. Now sometime after the construction Ben continues to give great support without huge bills.
We would not hesitate to recommend Ben to anyone looking for someone that will collaborate all the way on their own project." Horton Stephens

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