Leanne Langley

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New website for social & cultural historian of music Leanne Langley.

It was a pleasure and a rare treat to work with Leanne on this website and design work. She was able to articulate well her requirements, give constructive feedback, and research other sites and why she liked elements of them. This fed into the design and UX of the site allowing Leanne to get a site that she co-created with myself.

As well as knowing her mind and where the project was going, Leanne would defer to me on technology issues and we would talk through or demonstrate the possibilities in many cases.

In my opinion, the finished site is simple, elegant, easy to use and navigate with just enough bells and whistles to peak the user's interest without distracting from the content itself.

"Ben Byford created a portfolio website that does what I wanted.  It's clean-looking, easy to navigate & responsive, and rewards the visitor with fast-loading content.  I found it great to work with someone so creative who understood my goals, and always came up with practical solutions."

Leanne Langley

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