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The Trolly Problem video

 08 Dec 2017 |  Video, Animation

Education animation video for the Machine Ethics podcast


 05 Aug 2014 |  Video, Art

Afterglow - art installation presented as part of Hackney Wicked arts festival 2014

Digital Design at Virgin

 03 Nov 2013 |  Graphics, Website, Video, Music, Branding, Print, Infographics

Working at Virgin for 3 years as their in-house Digital Designer


 13 Jun 2011 |  Art, Video, Music

Instruments is the recordings of a series of spontaneous compositions.

Orchestra No.2

 21 Jun 2010 |  Art, Video

Installation piece: this second version was a more complete incarnation of my intention: as it displayed each 'Intrument' on a stoll as if part of an orchestra.


 19 Oct 2009 |  Art, Video

It contained a single projection displaying 9 faces talking, seemingly, muted. The only sound coming from this strangely disembodied heads were that of their pauses, mmm's, ahh's.

Where were you?

 18 Oct 2009 |  Art, Video

Video installation with chair, light, plant, coat hanger and single pair of headphones.

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