The Multiple Myrtle Mysteries

Join the trail from the 6th of May

Trail website - game site created by myself


Milo Wladek Co. have been commissioned to run workshops, a filmatic performance and an intereactive trail (or treasure hunt) as part of the Dulwich Festival 2016.

Using transmedia software Conducttr, Processwire CMS, lots of story and design content, clues and some audio, with Milo Wladek I'm putting together a trail around points of interest in Dulwich.


The trail story is based around helping a lab assistant find their colleague who has become unstuck in time after a time machine accident. As the audience you will follow a trail around Dulwich finding clues, learning about your environment and hopefully helping to save Myrtle from Time.


Dulwich festival
Endless Horizon LTD (story world website)
Milo Wladek Co.


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