Recent works and articles:

Environmental Practices for the Games Industry

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Recommendations for anyone working in the games industry to reduce carbon and promote environmental practises.

What is ethics?

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An article about ethics in the abstract, the point of it and how we can use it for better futures.

Right to know

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New website for tracking stressors in your local area in partnership with Centric Lab

Recent AI Ethics appearances

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Links to podcasts I've recently appeared talking about AI Ethics subjects.

What even is AI anyway?

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When we talk about AI what do we actually mean? This article runs through some of the things people may be thinking when they say AI.

Talks and workshops:


  • Nov - Solutions From The Multiverse Podcast - Interview
  • June - SJS (internal) - AI, Generative AI and Ethics workshop


  • Oct - Bristol Games Hub lightening talks - Environmental practises for the Games Industry
  • Oct - Manchester University - Algorithmic Bias and Fairness sandpit talk
  • Feb - Evolution of AI Ethics - Tech Ethics London


  • Dec - Humanising AI - Talk and round table discussion for
  • Oct - Bath Digital Festival - Environmental Practices for the Web


  • Dec - HumAIn Podcast - Interview
  • Dec - Human in the loop panel moderator - Open Ethics Series
  • Nov - AI Ethics Panel -
  • Oct - CodeHub / Women's Tech Hub Bristol - AI Ethics
  • Feb - Private conference talk - AI ethics and building the future
  • Feb - Holistic AI Ethics, Pydata meetup London
  • Jan - AI Ethics and Design Fictions, Ada College

More past talks and workshops listed here.

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    Some publically recorded talks:

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